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Here is my scrapbook cover from The U.S.S. Hudson, along with the Navy Unit Commendation for the 7 invasions we took part in. We put this together on Navy Day, Oct. 27, 1945. I'm not sure who that is in the picture - I don't recognize him anymore. Dick Berry, Perrysburg, Ohio

Here is a wood carving of a P-51 Mustang sent in by a non-WW2 vet who honors us with his hobby of woodcarving. The plane is made from oak, walnut, cherry, maple and birch. The dimensions are W: 17 1/2" L: 15 1/2" H: 7".

skysm.jpg (15681 bytes)

If you would be interested in posting this photo of the flight crew of
the Sky's Delight, I can get you more information about the people in
it. That handsome young man front and center is my Dad, Woodrow Pagan
who will be 80 years old in December.

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